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IVcuffWe  are  gradually  building our  list  of  charitable  causes  that  we  support, together  with our  Customers. Who and  how  we support, is  driven by  you  our  customer,  by  nominating  a  charity  when  you  purchase your designer shirts. Our  aim is  to  constantly  increase our  designer shirt sales  so  we  can  grow  what  we  can  give  to  charity  off  the  chart!  Get  your  shirt  on!  We  will  be updating  you  on  our  blog,  Twitter,  Facebook  and  Youtube  as  much  as  we  can  about  what  we  are  doing  and  what  our  Charities  are  up  too. Be  part  of  what  we  are  doing  and  feel  good  inside  as  well  as  looking  in  good  in  our  stylish  quality  shirts. Please at the foot of the page, Facebook like this page, tweet it, pin it, follow us, subscribe, bookmark us and pass on our mission to your friends, family and colleagues. Thank you. We wish you a very Happy 2013.




The Piers Harrington Foundation

The family of Piers distribute funds generated from a lump sum invested. They focus distribution to causes that will improve the quality of life for either people with motor disorders, carers looking after... Project Details →

The Stationers Foundation of the City of London

The Stationers’ Foundation is the charitable arm of the Stationers’ Company, whose mission is to provide education and welfare support for those connected to the Communications and Content industries. The... Project Details →


Children run away or are forced to leave homes that have become unbearable through poverty, abuse, violence and neglect. Railway Children don’t want to change children's lives for a day,... Project Details →

Crisis …. helping the single homeless

Ivcuff aims to make regular donations from its initial nominated charities and those nominated by its customers when they purchase. The founders of IVcuff have chosen Crisis as one of the IVcuff core charities.... Project Details →

Charities we are currently awaiting for their approval to announce

We continue to build our charitable causes. We hope to have these signed up and working with us very soon. Various Hospices around the UK including Kirkwood Hospice in Huddersfield, Stonewall supporting... Project Details →

Help change the lives of disadvantaged children in China, India & Sri Lanka

Now I Eat is a charity set up to help children in need throughout India, China and Sri Lanka, by seeking donations and organising charity events within the UK business community. Thousands of children... Project Details →

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